Pizzeria/ Restaurant

The history of the destination is fortunate to magically lie in one place: Valencia and specifically at the pizzeria I DON.

A place where alchemy takes place for the first time in the city, the miracle of twinning a Mediterranean city, such as Valencia, with Italy’s most authentic traditions: the pizza

IDON, a pizzeria restaurant where tradition endures, the indigenous ingredients are brought straight from Italy and with the talent of Francesco, its pizzaiolo, who inherited the secrets of authentic Neapolitan cuisine in his cradle, in a family of pizza-makers dating back over 200 years.

To all of this we add in another work of art: Our original oven construction. Made by craftsmen from Naples and with the ancestral techniques that date back over the years. Passion and tradition, made with the volcanic stones hewn from the quarries of Vesuvius itself.

This is all so that you can enjoy 100% of the experience of feeling like you are in the heart of Naples, revelling in its most authentic and traditional dishes at an affordable price.

And our logo, another symbol of our history, is a tribute to TOTO, a Neapolitan universally admired and loved by us all.

Our tribute to Totò

Totò is the artistic name of Prince Antonio Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno De Curtis di Bisanzio Gagliardi Antonio De Curtis, a Neapolitan actor, songwriter and poet.
He is seen to be one of the most significant performing stars in the history of international cinema.
Totò’s art was developed in all theatrical styles, from variety shows to the grand revues. He featured in ninety-seven films, performed between HYPERLINK “” 1937 and HYPERLINK “” 1967 and in nine made-for-television films.
Totó is considered to be an icon of XX century cinematic culture, at the level of Buster Keaton or Charles Chaplin.


Victoria Tarasova.

victoriaThe passion for this tradition of its owner Victoria Tarasova …. and the arrival of Francesco from Italy, a cook who inherited the legacies of 5 generations, creating the authentic Neapolitan pizza, made the miracle possible IDON: a dream come true…
A Russian citizen who went to Italy, enticed by the tradition and the history of the city of Naples.
There, she immersed itself in its genuine culinary history, and after numerous business trips around Europe she decided she couldn’t lose the great Mediterranean passion she had acquired and she chose Valencia as the place for her to live.
The warmth of the city and of its people, the reason for moving that Neapolitan gastronomic inheritance to the city of the Turia. With all great care and affection she created I DON: an authentic Neapolitan restaurant and pizzeria in the heart of Valencia.

Francesco Moccia.

Francesco was born into a genuinely Neapolitan family in all of its aspects, human and professional. From his cradle, Francesco lived together with the traditional Neapolitan stoves and ovens, and every day he received the legacy of nearly 200 years of Neapolitan culinary wisdom.
As the recipient of this age-old family culture, he is full of passion and skill for preparing the culinary dishes developed at IDON , the best recipes of the “Partenope” culture.

The flames of the traditional oven, the flour dough, the pasta the oil and the much cared-for natural ingredients, forged his passion and his talent for the authentic pizzas and ancient gastronomy of Naples.